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Originally located in Manhattan,  NY,   R.L. Albert, Inc. was started by Robert Lawrence Albert in 1916 as a gourmet food and European specialty product importer.  As the company grew, it expanded its reach into confectionery.

In the 1930’s, Robert’s son, Sidney joined the business, and imports of confectionery from Europe continued to grow. The company was renamed R.L. Albert & Son, Inc.

However, World War II intervened, and the only way to survive was to reach out to South America. Albert’s was the first US importer to buy candy from Argentina in the form of a mint roll from a company called Trineo.

South American imports kept the company afloat during the war, and after the war ended, European confectionery imports resumed and expanded with brands from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, England, and elsewhere.

With the passing of its founder Robert in the late 1950s, Sidney Albert assumed the Presidency and asked long time former New York wholesaler Abe Appelbaum to assist him in running the company. Sidney, along with his wife Insulinda continued to explore new opportunities throughout Europe and beyond.

Shortly thereafter, Sidney’s son, Lawrence Albert (Larry) joined the company and imports quickly expanded to areas such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan. The gourmet part of the company was de-emphasized and children’s confections and novelties were added. The theme of “There is always something new in the Albert line” was born and in the late 1970’s, Alberts moved its headquarters to Greenwich, Ct. 

In 1971, Robert Katz joined the company as Sales Manager and eventual successor to General Manager, Abe Appelbaum.

Business expanded from its traditional customer base of wholesale distributors, supermarkets and cash and carry’s to the growing area of discounters, drug store chains, dollar stores and variety chains. Alberts essentially invented the concept of the 240 count bag of candy, then retailing for a penny, and today the 240 count concept is still  just as strong. After many successful years of running the company, Sidney Albert passed away in 1983. Larry assumed the Presidency.

During the 80's and 90's business continued to thrive under Larry's guidance and Larry’s son, Marc Albert joined the business. With the sudden and unfortunate passing of Larry in 2006, his brother, Ernie Albert, assumed an active role in the company.  As the 4th generation of Albert, Ernie continues the family tradition and is now the 4th president of the family owed corporation.  Robert Katz was appointed  CEO and continues to this day to run the daily course of business.

As Alberts approaches it's 100th year, we continue to search the world for quality and value in confections that we bring to the American consuming public.”

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